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Welcome to Poker Content Services. My name is Rob O’Connor and I can provide you with the highest quality content for your poker website, including news, strategy, live reporting, and special feature articles, as well as informational and instructional videos for your site or YouTube channel.

I have been involved with poker for five years having played over a million hands online as a semi-professional player, as well as countless hours of live cash and tournaments. I can write engaging and entertaining articles on every facet of the game.

I have a PhD in Physics with over 50 publications in international peer reviewed journals so you can be assured that the quality of my writing is of the highest standard.

My service includes but is not limited to:

  • Strategy for all poker variants from No Limit Holdem to Stud to Draw.
  • Cash, MTT and Sit ‘n’ Go strategy.
  • Poker site reviews.
  • Online poker software reviews and ‘how-to’ articles.
  • Poker industry analysis and opinion pieces.
  • Training site reviews and appraisals.
  • Player profiles.
  • Live tournament reporting for all of the major events,
As well as poker, I also do sports content covering everything from informational articles to journalistic pieces on sports including but not limited to soccer, American football, rugby, basketball, baseball, golf and motor racing.
Past and present customers include:,,,
If you would like to contact me about a project, please see the ‘Contact‘ page.